Titanfall 2
Titanfall 2
Titanfall 2
Titanfall 2


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An Action Adventure Experience

As an infantryman trapped behind enemy lines, you must develop your skills under fire to become a full-fledged Pilot, fighting as one with your Titan.




The Militia have gained tremendous momentum and experienced substantial growth since the Battle of Demeter, establishing a stronghold on the planet Harmony. They have become more organized and industrialized as a military force representing the freedom of the largely anti-IMC population across the Frontier.



The Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation, known as the IMC, funded the earliest expeditions to the Frontier from the Core Systems. Providing little to no follow-up support the IMC left early pioneers and their descendants to fend for themselves. Generations later, the IMC’s fleets arrived claiming eminent domain over the Frontier. Their occupation of the Frontier, and their exploitative practices well known throughout the Frontier populations, eventually triggered the Frontier War between the Militia and the IMC.


    Due to the radically skewed population and wealth distribution on Earth Jack Cooper's family relocated to the Frontier in search of a better life when he was an infant. The rural Frontier community they inhabited was subjected to harassment and exploitation by IMC garrisons. As the IMC continued to disrupt the livelihoods of the people in his home system, Cooper volunteered as a Militia Rifleman 3rd Class to free the Frontier from the oppression of the IMC.

  • BT-7274

    BT-7274 is a Vanguard-class Titan, the first to be designed by the Militia. A Vanguard-class Titan must obey three protocols:
    Protocol 1: Link to Pilot
    Protocol 2: Uphold the Mission
    Protocol 3: Protect the Pilot
    While the IMC considers its Titans and Pilots to be interchangeable and disposable, the Militia views each of its new Vanguard Pilot-Titan units as a long-term investment. As a result, an experienced Vanguard Titan-Pilot team is far more flexible and deadlier than any single IMC Titan and Pilot on the Frontier.


    Captain Tai Lastimosa grew up on the Frontier planet of Harmony long before it became the headquarters for the Militia. One of the first veteran Pilots to serve in the newly formed elite Militia unit, the Special Recon Squadron (SRS), Lastimosa tested the earliest prototypes of the Vanguard-class Titan. He was neural linked to BT-7274 roughly three years prior to Operation Broadsword.


    As a child, Commander Sarah Briggs lost several family members to incidents in which the IMC displaced Frontier citizens by force. As a result, she vowed to take revenge on the IMC refusing to rest until the enemy is wiped from the Frontier. Sarah commands one of the Militia’s elite combat unit, the SRS: the Marauder Corps.


    Kuben Blisk is a South African mercenary currently employed by the IMC’s ARES Division. His unit, the Apex Predators, provides “customized security solutions” for the IMC’s operations on Typhon.


    A high ranking officer within the IMC’s military research division, General Marder oversees the operations on Typhon. He sees the Militia as a shortsighted, angry mob blocking humanity’s progress on the Frontier - a nuisance to be eliminated. Employing high quality mercenaries to bolster his allocation of IMC forces, Marder’s ARES Division seeks “emergent technologies” to decisively resolve the Frontier War in favor of the IMC.